Electronic sextant
Electronic sextant

Astra IIIB Deluxe Sextant

Posts: 75 Threads: 53 Joined: Dec Reputation: 4. Ordering via the Celestaire website is really easy. Sequence logic circuit 68 then directs counter 64 to count up or down toward zero, and gates system clock pulses to clock multiplexer circuit 70 which passes the clock pulses to counter 64 to count it to zero. Further, the preferred embodiment includes a display means for displaying the measured geodetic angle and also the time at which the measurement is made.

The sample counter 80 has a count of one pulse for the initial depression of the stellar sight button and an additional number of counts at one second intervals over which the average stellar sighting is taken. Linear Mode. Many marine stores carry navigation equipment such as compasses, charts, GPS devices etc.

Easy to order, discount on the item compared to what was seen on other websites, and delivery was FAST!!!! Divide by N circuit 76 may be a programmable divider circuit which puts out one output pulse for each N pulses received from clock multiplexer Lost Password?

The operator then sights the sextant on a celestial body of interest, and depresses the stellar sight button 44 for a given period of time over which it is desired to average the stellar sighting. With that sextant, the readout is a mathematical average of a number of sights taken over a given time period. Creation of a new competitive navigation device, which will be in demand in the maritime industry.

In alternative embodiments, the electronics might be in a separate housing connected to the main sextant by wires, or alternatively some of the circuitry shown in FIG. I used to be a normal person, then I discovered how to locate myself on this planet using a star. I see that you give people a lot of free things in order to help them learn navigation. I find them to be of high quality and they operate smoothly.

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A 16 bit adder circuit 86 constantly subtracts the value in counter 50 from the value in counter 32 to obtain a difference value. Shop Sight Reduction. With the sextant of the present invention it is expected that readout accuracy should approach, the main frame accuracy of a few seconds of arc, which is an extremely accurate reading compared with present sextants.

Thanks for dedicating to help us keep traditional navigation technics alive. Here's a link to it. Divide circuit 48 simply divides the pulses from clock 34 by a given constant to achieve a 1 hertz pulse train.

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Portal Search Calendar Help. Welcome, Guest! Login Register. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Thread Rating: 0 Vote s - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Thread Modes. CelNav57 Administrator. Posts: 75 Threads: 53 Joined: Dec Reputation: 4. A French company has invented an electronic sextant and named it G-Stell. Here's a link to it. G-Stell electronic sextant I found it while looking at links related to an upcoming boat show in France Cannes?

However, I have not seen that there is actual production of the G-Stell or price and availability. It looks very promising. BigBill Member. Posts: 56 Threads: 11 Joined: Electronic sextant Reputation: 0. It does look interesting. Sadly, like a GPS it takes all of Elextronic work and thus, all of the fun out of it.

I used to be a normal person, then I discovered how to locate myself on this planet using a star. Rdutton Junior Member. Posts: 39 Swxtant 5 Joined: Elecrtonic Reputation: 0. BigBill, "Point and shoot" stuff sounds easy Electronic sextant use, and probably is, but sailing at 5 knots it doesn't matter much how fast I get an LOP.

The reduction using paper is easy, fun and the only Electronic sextant that'll fail would be Bekanntschaften er sucht ihn battery in my watch. Great idea though. LouisC Junior Member. Posts: 35 Threads: 7 Joined: Dec Reputation: 0.

It probably wont work too well if the batteries die. Maybe there are backup instructions included on how to use a sextant? It would be curious Electtonic try it out. View a Printable Version Subscribe to this Electronoc. Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. Lost Password? Lou Find Reply.

In Sexangebote berlin embodiments, the electronics might be in a separate housing connected to the main sextant by wires, or alternatively some Electronic sextant the circuitry shown in FIG. A sextant is an optical instrument used by a navigator to determine position on the earth. A sextant as set forth in Electroni 1 and including means for allowing said clock means to be utilized solely as a chronometer.

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Electronic sextant - LEUCHTER, JR.; FRED A.. Electronic sextant

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Electronic Sextant G-Stell THE G-STELL SEXTANT SYSTEM allows to determine the position of the user deducted from the observation of astres: Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars. From the earliest ages of human knowledge, the sextant has not evolved for centuries. Jul 13,  · Electronic sextant. United States Patent Abstract: An improved sextant which provides a very accurate angular measurement of the position of a celestial body relative to the horizon. The sextant is a typical prior art sextant having a horizon glass and an index mirror, and wherein the sextant is sighted by adjusting the angular. Sextants last LONG if used properly, especially considering that they are not used that regularly. I used a sextant from and it worked like a charm. So there is a huge second hand market. Prices vary significantly but you can find a good aluminum sextant like Astra IIIb for anywhere between $ to /5(32).
Electronic sextant

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Am Lunedeich Bremerhaven Germany. Phone: +49 [email protected] Since , tradition and progress have been combined in our production programme, which ranges from classic sextant construction to the most modern computer technology for professional electronic compasses. The source of inspiration for each of our employees was and still is the demand for highest reliability and accuracy for all our products. Kollsmann D-1 Periscopic Sextant The retractable periscopic sextant eliminated the need for astrodomes in pressurized aircraft. But their narrow field of view made finding a .

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Electronic sextant

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